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Roxi Jewels are the best Silver Jewelry Supplier. Roxi Jewels Pvt. Ltd. has been a Leading Company For the past 15 years. We Create Silver and gold jewelry especially for Jewelry brands and jewelry designers.


Inspired by natural beauty, we prefer to design plants or animal-shaped pendants/charms.
We mainly adopt baroque pearl and high-quality freshwater pearl as the focus of the pendants. With it comes to the pendant/charm design, we adhere to combining the beauty of the pearl and the natural feature of the sterling silver. The Pearl Locket Design of our pendant is the best example. Fluent line, glossy surface, and adjustable design. In addition to caging the pearl, you also could put the gemstone, cubic zirconia into the cage.
Wholesale Gold & Silver Jewelry Manufacturer, Supplier

925 Sterling Silver Colorful Gemstones Pendant Necklace

925 Sterling Silver Deer Horn Pendant

Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver With Gemstone Bird Pendant

925 Sterling Silver Enamel Strawberry Pendant

925 Sterling Silver Angel Wing Locket Pendant

925 Sterling Silver Ruby Gemstone Necklace

925 Sterling Silver Natural Gemstone Dragonfly Necklace

925 Sterling Silver Gemstone Leaf Pendant Necklace


Roxi jewel ladies earrings hoops are made to enhance and illuminate the beauty of a woman’s face. 

You could find hoop earrings, huggie earrings, earring studs, etc. The major material of these earrings is sterling silver which is hypoallergenic and stylish. To make the earring design more fabulous, Roxi also combines sterling silver with other materials, including baroque pearl, gemstone, swarovski crystal, and so on.

Sterling Silver 925 Rectangle Pearl Huggie Earrings

925 Sterling Silver Multilayer Hoop Stud

925 Sterling Silver Twisted Small Earring Huggie

Sterling Silver Pearl Rainbow CZ Tennis Chain Earrings

Sterling Silver 925 Button baroque Pearl With Polished Leaf

Sterling Silver Crossover Ear Cuff

Sterling Silver 925 Knot Shape Earring

925 Sterling Silver Colorful Enamel Earring Studs


All our wholesale 925 silver rings are designed from premium materials. 

Our wholesale sterling silver ring collection features various styles and best-selling designs with multiple finishes, plating, and sizes to choose from toe rings and finger rings.

Indeed our rings come either in yellow gold or rose gold or 925 sterling silver along with an endless variety of Crystal & Cubic Zirconia stones embedded into this collection. Get the correct size from our ring size chart here.

Sterling Silver Four Leaf Clover Ring

Sterling Silver 925 Gemstone Ring

925 Sterling Silver Ring

925 sterling silver zircons stone ring

925 Sterling Silver Pearl Design Ring

Sterling Silver Two Tone Plated Band Ring

925 Sterling Silver Leaf Ring

925 sterling silver heart shape zircon ring


fashionable styles of bracelets in this catalog. The fashion chain, exquisite accessories, make up our bracelet.

925 silver tennis bracelet is a simple and elegant bracelet that is designed with a symmetrical arrangement of diamonds. The name is born from a story.

The world-class professional tennis player Evert lost her diamond bracelet in the midst of a highly competitive match and stopped playing until she found it again. Then, tennis bracelet jewelry also can be called ‘diamond bracelets’ or ‘eternity bracelets.

925 Sterling Silver Pearl LILY Open Bangle

925 Sterling Silver Tahitian Pearl Open Bangle

Sterling Silver Two Tone Colors Greek Key Bracelet

Sterling Silver Baroque Pearl Link Chain Bracelet

Sterling Silver Hardwear Link Baroque Pearl Bracelet

Sterling Silver Chunky Chain Gemstone Bracelet

925 Sterling Silver Charms Bracelet

925 Sterling Silver Star Open Bangle


Necklaces are an effortless accessory to pair with any outfit, especially with our range of metal finishes and natural pearl.

A classic 925 sterling silver necklace with high glossy items, such as white natural pearl, colorful gemstones, etc, is linked with the design concept of free mind.

We present you fashion locket necklace, pearl slider necklace, tennis bracelet necklace, and even the personalized locket necklaces, etc. Roxi also wholesale some types of unusual locket necklace that you have not imagined.

Sterling Silver Knot Baroque Pearl Necklace

Sterling Silver Flower Bud Pearl Necklace

Sterling Silver Leaf Tahitian Pearl Necklace

925 Sterling Silver Gems Pearl Necklace


925 silver lockets, also called 925 sterling silver lockets, is a kind of pendant that is a kind of pendant with a special design

The 925 sterling silver oval lockets are used for storing a portrait miniature to memorize someone. 925 sterling silver heart locket is a popular piece of jewelry among lovers. Also, the locket has a wide range of shapes. The ball locket silver is best for storing the pearl or gemstone. The love locket design necklace is the best locket for girlfriends. The engraved lockets with photos can be the pendant of a friendship locket necklace.

Roxi jewel, a worldwide professional 925 silver locket manufacturer, focuses on providing the best best friend heart locket, best lockets for couples, and best love locket. All 925 sterling silver lockets in Roxi are nickel-free and lead-free. A wide collection of silver lockets in Roxi.

Sterling Silver Round Glass Locket Pendant

Sterling Silver Heart Glass Locket Ring

Sterling Silver Oval Glass Locket Pendant

Sterling Silver Heart Glass Locket Pendant


The slider is a type of adjustable slider bead with a sliding channel in which a chain or necklace slips through an open-element on the back of the piece.

We provide slider necklace silver to make a perfect match with the slider necklace charms. Silver slider bracelets and silver slider necklaces are versatile for any style of clothes. Also, because of the sliding channel, the position of slider necklace charms move so that the scenery which your silver slider bracelet offers is varietal.

Adjustable slider necklace is a hot seller in the necklace category, because it allows you to adjust the length of the necklace. Then, the pearl slider necklace is one of the most classic one. With the natural pearl and the special treatment surface, the pearl slider necklace present you the beauty of the natural power and the aesthetic of the Mancraftship.

Sterling Silver Pearl Coin Charm Slider Long Necklace

Sterling Silver Tennis Chain With Heart Slider Bracelet

Sterling Silver CZ Waterdrop Heart Slider Bracelets

Sterling Silver Chain Slider Bracelet


Texture sterling silver is complemented by shiny, vibrant enamels. It retains the cool feeling of silver while at the same time showing the vigor of the enamel.

we offer the best silver enamel jewelry. A variety of shapes is presented on this page, such as heart shape, flat round, square shapes, and so on. Enamel heart jewelry is the perfect jewelry to wear alone or layer with a delicate necklace. White enamel jewelry also presents the fabulous texture of the enamel and makes you look more elegant. Clear crystal and white silver colors create unique designer enamel jewelry.

As a professional silver clay jewelry manufacturer, Roxi provides custom made enamel jewelry and the best clay for jewelry. Furthermore, all silver clay jewelry designs in our clay jewelry are versatile, so you could buy them without hesitation.

Sterling Silver Enamel Bead Chain Jewellery Sets

Sterling Silver Round Blank Bezel Pendant

Sterling Silver Blank Heart Bezel Earring Stud

Sterling Silver Enamel Bead Chain Baroque Pearl Earrings

Custom Tag

The custom tag pendant is the best jewelry to show your unique.

The blank tag allows you engrave a pattern or words on it. Heart shape and rectangle shaped hammered silver pendant both are classic tag which are versatile for various topics. We have been working with many independent designers and numerous Fashion Brands to help them to make their designs into reality by providing technical solutions to achieve it.

We are the Experts in Jewelry OEM & ODM Services with our Own Manufacturing Factory.

Sterling Silver Rectangle Shape Blank Charm Pendant

Sterling Silver Custom Blank Coin Charm Pendant

Sterling Silver Engravable Star Charm

Sterling Silver Heart Blank Charm Pendant

Earring Hoops &Huggie

The huggie earrings are a trendy style of earring hoop. Unlike the dangle earrings, the huggies sit close to your face and make your face smaller visually.
Our ladies huggie earrings and 925 sterling silver hoop earrings come with different styles. Take the Pearl Huggie Earrings Silver as a example. It is one of the best huggie earrings in this category. It is the great combination between natural beauty and metal charms. The natural pearl also ensure this type of earrings is always trendy.

Sterling Silver Vintage Earring Hoop

Sterling Silver Clear Baguette Cubic Zirconia Huggie Earrings

Sterling Silver Baroque Pearl Huggie Hoop Earrings

Sterling Silver Baguette Huggie Earrings

Sterling Silver U Shape CZ Hugie Hoop Earrings

Sterling Silver Hammered Oval Shape Hoop Earring Stud

Sterling Silver Twist Hugie Hoop Earrings

Sterling Silver Two Lines Hammered Hoop Earrings


The minimalist jewelry is easy to style and it has a subtle unique charm.

From the daily wearing jewelry like 925 silver tennis bracelet and chain paperclip necklace to minimalist rings and studs, there are various 925 sterling silver jewelry to you.

Sterling Silver Tiny Triangle Earrings Stud

Sterling Silver 3D Square Earring Stud With Butterfly Back

Sterling Silver Geometric Simple Ring

Sterling Silver Tiny Cross CZ Earring Stud

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